Plants & Flowers

The Irises CandleThe Irises Candle

The Roses CandleThe Roses Candle
The Magnolias CandleThe Magnolias Candle

The Scented Magnolia CandleThe Scented Magnolia Candle
The Scented Lily CandleThe Scented Lily Candle

The Scented Dogwood Flower CandleThe Scented Dogwood Flower Candle
The Scented Lotus CandleThe Scented Lotus Candle

The Daffodil CandleThe Daffodil Candle
The Scented Rose CandleThe Scented Rose Candle

Large White Christmas Tree CandleLarge White Christmas Tree Candle
White Christmas TreeWhite Christmas Tree

Large Pegged Rose CandleLarge Pegged Rose Candle

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